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50 Shades of Flooring, This Valentine’s Day

Romantic gestures go a long way when it comes to pleasing your loved one. Why not make your floors work for you this Valentine’s Day! It is normal on holidays to have a destination set up for your loved one, where you have some sort of surprise on display for them. Whether it be a wrapped present, a gift basket, or just flowers, candy and card; why not go one step further and dress up your floors on the way to that destination. From the moment your loved one walks through the door, create a pathway for them, leading them where you want them to go. Try creating a pathway with candles and flower petals. Maybe even get creative and throw some feathers or Hershey’s Kisses chocolates scattered in there!


Some ideas for creating a pathway might be: Create a pathway to the kitchen where you have a prepared a romantic meal for two. Create a pathway to the living room where you have special presents and treats set out for them on the coffee table. Create a pathway to the bathroom where you have a candlelit bubble bath drawn for them. Create a pathway to the bedroom where you have a massage planned, or whatever… The point is, this Valentine’s Day, make your floors work for you!

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