Why choose Carpet?

Carpet is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to personalize your home and offers a vast selection of styling and design options that can deliver the performance you need  and the look you want. Carpeting technology has improved vastly over the past decade and now offers the durability that is required for flooring to last.


Face Weight

Another Factor in carpet performance is face weight-the amount of fiber used in the construction. The more fiber used, the better the carpet will feel and the better it will perform. Face weight is measured in ounces per square yard and typically runs from 25 ounce (low grade) up to 60 ounce and more. For general living spaces you should consider 36 ounce or higher.

Why Face Weight Matters

Soil and Stain Resistance

Stain and soil resistance are primary considerations for today’s carpet buyer. Some fiber systems offer built-in stain resistance such as PET and Trixexta, while others like Nylon use a topical treatment such as Stain Master. Both have their benefits and have improved greatly over the decade. For more information about Soil and Stain Resistance, check out our blog post!

The Magic of Fiber

Carpet Seams

A seam may be required during the installation of carpet, depending on the dimensions of the room. Think of carpet as a piece of fabric that has to be cut to fit your unique space. Generally, carpet seams are hard to notice; however, they may can be visible depending on the type of carpet. For information about seams, check out our blog post!

Are Seams Really Bad?


Commonly Asked Questions about Carpeting

What kind of carpet should I be looking for? 

The most important thing is that you love the way your new carpet makes your home look and feel. Next is durability which depends on the fiber type and construction but also yarn twist and pile density.

How does color affect performance? 

Lighter shades will show more soil and require more maintenance than darker colors. Multi-colored and patterned carpets are especially effective in hiding soil and should be considered for high traffic areas.

What is trackless carpet?

Trackless carpeting usually refers to a textured Saxony that, due to its construction, is adept at hiding traffic patters, hence trackless.

Carpet offers the versatility and comfort that hard surfaces like wood and tile can’t match.  Carpeting is the ultimate combination of luxury style and performance.  We carry carpet available to fit any budget for your home décor and lifestyle.  Whether you are looking for Stainmaster nylons or the latest Smartstrand fibers which offer the ultimate in comfort and durability, we have you covered.  Four Seasons Flooring offers a large selection of styles from all the best manufacturers.  Myrtle Beach Carpet remains in high demand and there is no shortage of patterns designs and colors to choose from.

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