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Hardwood for the Holidays

There are so many new kinds of flooring options these days; between Carrera marble, bamboo, vinyl, laminate, tile, and innovative carpeting, that little attention gets paid to a very traditional type of flooring – hardwood. But, when you think Christmas, with a decorated tree next to a stocking hung fireplace, what kind of floor are you picturing? My guess is that most of you thought hardwood. Here we will talk about why hardwood floors still deserve a place in the home!

Originally hardwood gained its popularity for structural purposes. It was the sturdiest medium to use and was joined perpendicularly with the support beams of a house. The need for this has lessened with the uprise of concrete as a subfloor but, hardwood still remains a popular flooring choice for homes.

There are several popular strategies used in hardwood flooring production: solid wood, which can be flat-sawn, quarter-sawn, or rift-sawn vs. rotary-peel, sliced-peel, and dry solid-sawn. Each of these methods take into account moisture content control and absorption to avoid cupping and warping.

Engineered wood consists of 2 or more layers of wood fitted together to form one plank. All-timber-wood is made from multiple layers or sawn wood while veneer floors use a thin layer of wood that attaches to the top of composite wood. Acrylic-impregnated wood uses wood a layer of wood that is filled with a liquid acrylic, then hardened.

Hardwood floors should be buffed every 3-5 years. The nice thing about solid hardwood floors is that they have the ability to be refinished. They can be sanded down and recoated to look brand new!

In general hardwood is very durable and has a more expensive and traditional look. So, if you’re going for all those thing, hardwood is the perfect choice for you. At Four Seasons Flooring, we have a wide range of hardwood flooring options to choose from!

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Four Seasons Flooring is your locally owned and operated Myrtle Beach flooring company. We sell and install in all types of flooring such as hardwood, carpet, tile, vinyl and ceramic. Whether you're looking to redo your home or office or just looking to add that beautiful backsplash to your kitchen, Four Seasons Flooring has you covered from start to finish. We have two flooring stores along the Grand Strand with one in North Myrtle Beach on US-17 Business and the other in Myrtle Beach on Highway 707 near Market Common.

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