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New Flooring Trends with the Power of Connection!

Interface, a company that sells carpet as well as luxury vinyl tile, is really stepping up the game when it comes to innovation with their products! Their new line, “Human Connections”, is inspired by Biophilic Design, which focuses on integrating humans inherent need for nature and companionship. The idea behind it stems from the fact that our world continues to become increasingly technological and, although the idea behind much of technology is to further connection, we also know that in reality it can also work to separate us further in the confines of our own home and workplace.

The hope is that the design can be integrated in buildings across urban neighborhoods and cities, to have a subconscious effect of bringing people together throughout the day. In theory, the design promotes a more healthy and productive environment. Studies show that in areas where Biophilic Design has been utilized in the past, it has had a positive effect on the people who spend their time there. There have been examples of people healing faster in hospitals, children doing better in school, offices where employees were more efficient and productive, as well as thriving communities all centered around Biophilic Design. Quite a concept, huh?! Isn’t this, after all, the idea behind places like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, which is held in such high esteem? Architecture like this simply doesn’t exist in most places anymore. It is as if we’ve become less creative in the design process.

There are 3 different themes that make up the 8 tile pattern choices of the Human Connections line. One theme is inspired by different stones and pavement that create pathways, another is inspired by outdoor space and greenery, while the last of the three are colorful and lively graffiti-like patterns. All of these can be connected to each other in different ways to create a seamless look and feel.

This flooring was also created with the environment in mind. Interface boasts, “The collection uses a 100% recycled, solution-dyed yarn system and has 72% overall recycled content. The collection uses Interface’s TacTiles installation system, which eliminates the need for glue and forms a floor that ‘floats’ and makes the tiles easy to update and replace.”

As always, Four Seasons Flooring is proud to be on-top-of knowing and bringing you the latest trends in Flooring!

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