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The Case for Carpet

For quite awhile now the trends have been moving away from carpet in homes for all kinds of reasons. Cleanliness, eco-friendliness, allergens, the list goes on. But, there are still plenty of people out there that are carpet enthusiasts. I, myself, am one of them.

Especially now that we’re moving into Autumn and Winter, we’ll be looking to retain some heat in our homes, as well as providing a cozy ambiance as we entertain for the holidays. There is a warmth that carpet provides that hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and certainly tile, cannot. Although I understand all the reasoning behind “anti-carpet” people, my feeling of comfort overrides all those things. The great thing is that among all the complaints for the case against carpet, a lot of those problems have been solved! Modern carpet has come a long way in past years.

The stain resistance of modern carpet is really a miraculous thing. It almost seems to the point of being impenetrable! Smart Strand carpet by Mohawk, for example, boasts to be very different than traditional nylon carpets. Everything repels and nothing actually gets soaked into the fiber. This carpet protects against stains from kids, pets, and anything else that might happen. It is also shown to release up to 3 times as much dirt than regular carpet, is ultra soft, and resistant to matting because its natural spring-like fibers. This pretty much stands up to all the reasons to not have carpet in your home! And, it’s complete with a lifetime warranty!

Mohawk is just one example of a brand that we happen to carry. There are many other carpeting brands who offer similar claims and guarantees. Or, if you’re still not convinced after “The Case for Carpet”, Four Seasons Flooring has 2 locations along the Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach, that also carries a large variety of hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and tile.

Myrtle Beach Flooring

Four Seasons Flooring is your locally owned and operated Myrtle Beach flooring company. We sell and install in all types of flooring such as hardwood, carpet, tile, vinyl and ceramic. Whether you're looking to redo your home or office or just looking to add that beautiful backsplash to your kitchen, Four Seasons Flooring has you covered from start to finish. We have two flooring stores along the Grand Strand with one in North Myrtle Beach on US-17 Business and the other in Myrtle Beach on Highway 707 near Market Common.

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