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Use Your Tax Money to Revamp Your Home!

Haven’t quite decided what to do with your refund check yet? You could go on a shopping spree but you probably have enough “stuff”. Why not use it as an investment towards your home by upgrading your floors, or your kitchen or bathroom space? Your home is most likely the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Doesn’t it make sense to have a beautiful living space and/or revamp it for resell value?

Some decisions you’ll come across in the revamping process may be hardwood vs. carpet and what color schemes to use. There’s certainly research to be done on all sides.

Carpet is the least expensive option and is usually thought of as being more cozy but people have shied away from it in current years because of allergy issues and the need for more frequent replacement since it wears down quicker. The good thing is that there is new technology in the carpet world which is incredibly resistant to stains. Although, you can have hardwood refinished at any time and it leaves a much cleaner look, design wise.

A great alternative for both carpet and hardwood is laminate. Laminate is cheaper than hardwood and now has a fairly realistic look so that you could almost be convinced that it was real hardwood. Extremely innovative technology has come about in recent years so that much of the laminate out there today is waterproof, which used to be the biggest reason people didn’t like it. It is also a bit softer than hardwood and you can get more color combinations with laminate, as you can get more of a two-tone look.

Modernizing the kitchen of bathroom could do wonders for your resell value. It could literally be a make-or-break factor.

As for the color scheme, stay neutral. Don’t think of it as boring, think of it as smart. You can use as many removable accent decorations as you want to liven things up while you live there. But, unless you’re for sure it’s going to be your forever home, the next people may not appreciate the bright red backsplash you put in.

Call Four Seasons Flooring today so we can help guide you through the process and put your tax return money to good use!

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